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logistic audits
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These 3 services were designed "for your peace of mind".     That is actually the purpose behind Logistic Consulting Services, but here's what these services include and what benefits you and your organization will get from them.  

Hi, I'm Steve Farrugia and this
is what qualifies me to offer you this service package.

I am a logistics professional who climbed from rock-bottom to the top of the industry, so I've operated (hands-on) at all levels of the corporation. From there, my career evolved to freelance consultant, trainer and auditor.

I've worked extensively as a service consumer and as a service provider so I understand the pressures of both sides, I know where the dirt accumulates and can speak both languages, so

I'm an insider and an outsider!

I've been in the industry for over 40 years; learning, dealing and leading, so I accumulated a considerable and multi-faceted experience because I've been involved in very different areas of logistics, in the manufacturing and the retail sectors, in training, in (product and service) sales and, of course, in management.

Because I have no ties or obligation to any service provider, I am able to offer this professional and impartial Logistic Audit services.

It's also safe to say that my Audits carry a consultation fringe benefit in terms of my expertise since it is not uncommon for my reports to include recommendations related to cargo insurance cover, legal considerations or documentation irregularities discovered. All these could lead to serious consequences.

Logistic Audits

Why would you Audit your Logistic Operations?

  1. For your own peace of mind.
  2. For your shareholders' peace of mind.
  3. To ensure you are getting the best available options for your money and that no one is taking you for granted.
  4. To ensure you are being billed properly.
  5. To have your documentation assessed and so to minimise/avoid hitches in the event of a claim.
Having your logistics operations audited is also your ticket to being taken even more seriously by service providers.

It's not the size of your Freight account that counts ... but who's watching over it, and Auditors are technically the ideal watchdogs.

Over 30 years of my career revolved around cargo logistics, most of it involving creation of services and companies, as well as leading freight forwarding organizations, but one may say I've worked on 'both sides of the counter' [as a service provider and consumer] as well as in other facets of the industry – so I am the 'insider' you need to have on your side.

Aside from the industry knowledge, my Integrity and Independence is 100% guaranteed.

If you are interested to find out more on Logistics Audits, please visit the section that follows.


The primary focus is on procedures - especially those logistics-related, but it also covers assistance with recruitment and coaching of your staff.  

Over time, even leaders develop 'tunnel vision' that leads to blind-spots. Many can benefit from business mentoring or from an external perspective.   As explained in the bio section on this page, this is possible owing to my exposure in different fields and at different levels of the organization.

Consulting also covers assistance with specific shipments, where teaming up with other experts may be necessary.


Practical Logistics Training is provided in various ways. Service Providers may wish to assemble a group of key clients for a joint training programme, which may be tailored according to the clients' requirements. ULtimately, training makes everyone's job easier, not least because we get to understand each other's needs and difficulties. Hop over to the Training page for more information.

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