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Why do organizations opt for Logistic Audits?

We're all somewhat familiar with Quality Audits and with Accounts Audits.  The first kind serves to ensure we are faithful to our own procedures. As fake as that might sometimes be, you get to be ISO-certified. And that's nice. The second kind ensures that our book-keeping represents a true and fair picture of our financial state of affairs. It's demanded by law, so you have no choice!

But this is a different kind of audit. What we offer is a Logistics Audit. And unless you can see its benefit, you won't appreciate how important it can be.

✦  Will it save you money?   Possibly.   It depends.   It could.
✦  Will it make your operation more efficient? Theoretically, yes.

So why do companies choose to be logistics audited?   Simply because the annual logistics account represents a substantial cost for any importer/exporter.  Shipping is a factor that affects their product's final selling price, and hence also their competitivity and, of course, their bottom line.

But why logistics, out of all expenses?   Because the shipping industry is not always reputed to be the most ethical industry and, besides, shipping costs are regularly going up. Sometimes, this is justified, other times perhaps not.

And here's an even more important reason:  Freight is an ongoing expense and if there's a saving to be made on a recurring expense, that becomes a recurring saving!

On the other hand, if a Logistics Audit finds you to be on track, that's like a getting a clean bill of health from your doctor! Congratulations!

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"the annual logistics account represents a
substantial cost
for any importer/exporter"

"a saving ... made on a recurring expense ... becomes a recurring saving!"
What do you gain from being audited?

The benefits are various, and include the following.

  • If you manage a foreign-owned company, it could be in your own interest to show your stakeholders that your logistics operation is certified by an independent audior.

  • If you are a logistics officer, shipping manager or financial controller, the same benefit applies to you because a clean certificate from a Logistics Auditor sets you apart in an industry that isn't always reputed with the best professional ethics.

  • If you are spending a lot of money on international freight, you will need to be sure you're getting the best deal. Service providers who are aware that you are being audited will be more careful when quoting and invoicing you.

  • Irregularities and vulnerabilities in your procedures and documentation are pointed out so you can operate more safely.

  • If you are a Freight Forwarder, or Service Provider, you might think you are charging correctly as quoted. Think again! Undercharging is as common as overcharging!
If you are interested to find out more on Logistics Audits, please contact us for an appointment.

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G1601   Stealthy Guerilla Tactics for smaller companies

Outsmarting and outmaneuvering the bigger/richer organizations, using the advantages of your (smaller) size to provide clients the kind of service that stronger competitors can only talk about.  

Guerilla tactics have become legendary. They are are unorthodox, unexpected, stealthy, fast, mobile and always a headache for the more established forces that are invariably bigger and better armed.

In this programme, we also refer to some classics of military strategy, from which we learn important business lessons thanks to their success or failure.  Drawing parallels is a way by which business leaders often come up with innovation concepts, and being ahead (or perhaps to the side) of complacent competition is one way to gain advantage over them.

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G1602   Getting even More from What you Already Have

You already have the resources you need to run a successful setup. But don't you sometimes feel that enthusiasm in the workplace drops to a mediocre pace?  This is natural in all companies, which is why managers need to inspire and motivate their team.  

But besides 'how' to do this, we shall also treat the all important question of your own "vision", your company's "mission", and how well this is communicated to your people.  Don't expect people to guess what you need them to achieve.

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G1603   Sharpening you Interpersonal Skills for Added Value

We, human-beings, "communicate".  All the time and in many ways.  Whether we know it or not, whether consciously or not, purposely or not ... we communicate; sometimes effectively, sometimes failingly.

This programme teaches how good communication brings better preformance, higher team achievement and greater employee value. Participants will gain an arsenal of specialist techniques that might turn out to be their most important skill set at work and in life.

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G1604   The Executive Brotherhood - more advanced skills

The business executive holds a responsible role, that of a key player in the organization. To be a good executive, one needs more than the technical or academic background, because in the business world we seldom live in total isolation. We need to deal with people and sometimes 'persuade' them (to do what we need them to do). These may be our (senior, peer, or junior) colleagues, suppliers, clients, or others.

To be a good executive, you need good interpersonal skills; a whole armory of them.   And this is amongst the best places you can get them.   In a world that's constantly moving forward, those who postpone their personal development will find themselves moving backwards.

Additionally, and again in everyday language, this course will help you attain more clarity about your business focus, or goals, breaking this down into specific steps, or timed business-objectives, and then to identify and use your company's key performance indicators to ensure your ship remains headed in the right direction and at the optimal speed.  No unnecessary technicalities; always in simple, everyday language.

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G1605   Selling ... from the inside out - putting your 'Mind' foot forward

Sales is a much needed service ... and good sales people are actually helping others to buy the goods and services (or solutions) that they need, or want.   With the right mindset, the right beliefs, the right focus and enthusiasm, you can better your natural ability to provide the sales service to those who need it.

In this programme, we deal with the inner, lesser known, aspects that make a good salesperson. It starts in the Mind and although without 'action' there can be no sales, without the 'mental' preparation there will need to be a lot more effort and energy to reach your goals.   We will also cover advice from some of the world's best exponents, so you too can dramatically improve your game.

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G1606   Cargo Logistics - for the supply-chain specialist

Planning, Organizing and Ensuring all goes according to plan is the essence of Logistics.  From choosing the most efficient location to the movement (or flow) of goods or people, is the business of Logistics.  This is why, without logistics, the supply-chain would be chaotic and economies would be greatly disrupted.  Logistics are necessary in Events, Shipping, Warehousing and even in the planning of material flow in a factory.  Here, we deal with Cargo Logistics for the supply-chain specialist.

We start with the basics; defining/explaining various 'means' used for cargo transport (conveyances) and the equipment used.  We compare the characteristics of different 'modes' and the identify the considerations to be made when organizing a shipment.   The participants coming from the "freight forwarding" sector will learn more about the needs of their importer/exporter clients and those coming from the "end-user" side will learn more about the world of the logistics service providers, to ensure better understanding for both parties.

Incoterms, Cargo Insurance, Documentary Credits and transport-related documentation are all subjects we cover in this Course.  But to make sure our participants will not miss anything, we provide a handy manual/toolkit that will be a useful reference in your day-to-day operations.

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G1607   Assertiveness & Leadership Skills

Assertiveness is sometimes confused with self-confidence. Although they often come together, they are two different things.   Submissive people—who lack any measure of assertiveness—are often manipulated, if not abused.

On the other extreme, assertiveness is also confused with aggressiveness.   That too is an unfortunate misconception.   Learn how to say what you need to say—clearly, firmly, yet without unnecesary confrontation—including when you say "no" if that is what you need to say!

Leadership is an important trait (and skill) that exists at different levels.  People aren't simply categorized as either 'leaders or followers'.  Leaders inspire others, they help build a team and motivate people.

In business, a bad leader (even if s/he happens to be an effective manager) will suffer high staff turnover, high levels of stress, and low levels of respect.  Whether or not it is pinned by a title, leadership exists in all walks of life.  Leaders are needed in every organization, in every group, in every team.   Learn how you can become a good, or a better leader.  

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G1608   Confidence ... to do what you need to do

Knowing that you will be alright and having the feeling like you simply cannot fail is to have Confidence.  Some people are naturally confident. Some will learn how to overcome their anxiety and act confidently.  But many others struggle through life in fear of failure, which is in itself the greatest contributor to failure.

Sometimes, that fear is the result of uncertainty about one's own talent.  Sufferers would be driving with their brakes on, as it were.

Sometimes a person can have complete certainty ... about his inadequateness.  This certainty is very detrimental as it constitutes a powerful "limiting belief".  In this case, sufferers would be driving in reverse gear!   What are the chances of success for the inconfident person?

Those who fail to accomplish a task that is within their power to achieve might either be suffering from a lack of confidence, or else from over-confidence.  Both are to be avoided.

Some people will lack confidence in many situations, but might actually be confident in others.  In this programme participants will learn how to be confident at will, which is awesome because Confidence is a major attribute in life and in business. The confident person is perceived as being attractive and as a winner!

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Some of the listed Programmes may be undergoing development or updating from time to time.

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