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Every member of our staff is important for us to ensure our service runs well.  Of course, this isn't always easy, especially when our course comes across a storm—whether this be a physical storm that delays vessels' arrivals or a metaphorical one disrupting our daily plans—but we take it upon us to minimise the hitches that occur behind the scenes so that your operation can run smoothly.

We have what you might call a flat hierarchy at Attard Holdings.  There isn't a sense of distance between boss and followers here, but a pool of colleagues all giving valuable input whatever their task within the Team.

As Kevin would say for any context, "If everyone had to sit down and think about the challenges together, there would be a better chance of overcoming them."

We'd like to take this opporunity to introduce you to some the people resoponsible for our success. Here are their stories.

Kevin Attard; CEO Kevin Attard
Managing Director

Following in his father's footsteps, Kevin remained in the logistics industry after having worked in the family business since a young age.  Initially, he engaged in Customs Clearances and as his activity expanded, he set up what later became his pilot company, Customs & Freight Agency Limited.

In later years, K Shipping Agency Limited was founded to specialise in local services being offered to local and foreign clients while Customs & Freight Agency Limited embarked in a solid relationship with the renowned Passalacqua Trasporti, operating one of the leading services—with over 12 depots covering the full length of Italy, down to Sicily and Malta.

The company attained its ISO9001 certification, which is proof of the high standard of service and compliance maintained.

In this Maltese language video clip, Kevin describes how his company evolved over the years, thus seeking certification, which has been repeatedly reconfirmed by Step Enterprises Ltd.

Kevin is no stranger to press and TV interviews. Perhaps this is a reflection of his persistence despite all odds in an industry saturated by forwarding agents vying for market share, sometimes at the cost of quality.

He has been featured in Malta CEOs' series entitled "50 Business Leaders 2022" as well as on TV's "Business Chat" (2015).

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Kevin is very much a 'hands on' kind of leader, so it is not uncommon to find him helping out in the warehouse, driving a forklift truck, or indeed delivering some goods when circumstances necessitate.

Marc Vella; General Manager

"It would sound fair to describe Marc Vella as the 'Project Manager' within the agency; as a jack-of-all-trades but one who's actually a master at quite a few of them."   — Steve Farrugia, logistics consultant

Marc Vella
General Manager

Marc is the man who plans, organizes and makes sure hurdles are overcome.

He is very low key and understands the trade because he's risen through the ranks, having progressed in his career from the driver's seat of actual haulage tractors to the driver's seat in the office.

Whether at the office, warehouse, yard, or project site, Marc leads without fuss or fanfare.  He'll always be the first on site during a special Event, and he'll always be the last to leave, making sure the job is completed as contracted.

If you had to ask his team to describe him, Marc would be the pro with a sense of humour and the most trusted person around.

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